Design is to delight!

We craft purposeful brands, experiences and spaces that are driven by purpose and emotion. Our design process is about combining valuable insights with research based knowledge and translating that data in ways that assist you to connect with the people who come in contact with your brand and by extension, maximizes your brand value.

People are emotional, intuitive beings

…who are driven by purpose and emotion.

At Basira Studio, we strive to develop design solutions that are guided by experience than just aesthetics.

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Trust (Amanah)

We consider every project as an Amanah that you entrust us with. It prompts us to handle each project responsibly and sincerely.

Excellence+ (Ihsan)

We strive to carry out every project with Ihsan — sincerity, excellence and perfection.

Virtue (Akhlaq)

We build our interactions with you on a framework based on Akhlaq — practice of virtue, morality and good manners.

what drives
our design process

Intent (Niyah)

Your actions are the reflection of your intentions. Intention guides us to clearly define our design goals

Insight (Basira)

Insight for us is about incorporating perception gained via experience and combining that with intuitive reasoning.

Knowledge (Ilm)

Integrating the power of knowledge and research, we focus on enhancing our design process and make informed decisions.

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