we craft purposeful
brand identity, experiences and spaces
that are driven by insights and emotions.

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Funoon NFT
Funoon.io, a unique platform in the upcoming web 3.0 which caters to faith-inspired NFT collectibles.

our approach: progressive

As the world evolves, so should our approach.

With the challenges and complexities of today’s world, an emphasis on innovation is necessary to expand your company’s value and communicate its vision.
At Basira, we explore connections between insight, research and design.

Identity Design

What do you want your brand’s first impression to be?
Identity is more than just a logo. We design an Identity and design system that reflects you and your brand’s purpose.
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Design System
  • Brand Guidelines

Experience Design

People are driven by emotion and influenced by perceptions. We explore these elements to develop an overall experience — the one that speaks for you and about you.
  • Web/Mobile Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web/Mobile App

Spatial Design

Each one of us is unique, and for each one of us there’s a space we call ‘ours’. We help in building one that is most suitable for your audience and your business.
  • Spatial Signage
  • Interior Design
  • Integrated Space Design
  • Branded Space Design

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Funoon NFT Marketplace

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