Project <br>Ehsas

< Back to Projects Feeling a smile through the essence of feeding. Branding, through essence, is a prime aspect that helps you & your brand stand out. With project Ehsaas, it was indefinitely an engagement of emotion that had to be drawn through branding. The purpose of Ehsaas was to restore smiles by feeding right, […]

re-<br>Imagine: <br>Halal in Asia

< Back to Projects Re-imagine? To bring an already existing idea-whose significance and purpose the world overlooks or may have forgotten. With this identity design, we wanted to inspire and encourage decisions, behaviours, and conversations around the idea of Halal and explore new possibilities. Our intent was to re-introduce its power, with the use of […]

Kwality Bazaar

< Back to Projects Kwality Bazaar, a supermarket in an upscale locality in Delhi, required identity design & spatial design services, to cater to its elite customer base. Identity was designed with a persona of contemporary minimal identity, keeping in view further development of applications like signages, packaging and other collaterals. Weaving all different zones through […]

ChalChitra <br>Abhiyaan

< Back to Projects ChalChitra Abhiyaan, is a media cooperative, engaged in making  documentaries, interviews, news features and short films, on a range of local issues in the province of Western UP.  The design concept for the identity of ‘ChalChitra Abhiyaan’ focusses on brand persona development, underlying symbolism, visual impact and it’s usability and application […]

The Cognate

< Back to Projects Drawing inspiration from culture and faith, the challenge was to develop an identity that is not only reflective of the values that represent the Muslims of India but our aim was to translate these insights while retaining an image that was youthful, intellectual and trustworthy. Inspiration : The Moon From tracking […]


< Back to Projects is a unique platform in the upcoming web 3.0 which caters to faith-inspired NFT collectibles. The problem called in for an identity design that expressed this differentiating factor, while also being futuristic, adaptive and contemporary. Integrating the Arabic letters of ﻑ and ﻥ the identity for was created.  The […]

Majoritarian Consolidation

< Back to Projects An anthology of briefing papers published by Citizens Against Hate (CAH), was an attempt to chronicle the changing sphere of Indian Politics and social consequence. Determining how the idea of India is under great stress due to the momentum gained by the cultural transformation project of Hindutva. ( Hindu Political Nationalism) […]

Brutalising Innocence

< Back to Projects There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they grow up in peace. -Foreword to the […]

India International Halal Expo

< Back to Projects Basira Studio collaborated with the Paperspace Collective developed branding, environmental graphics and wayfinding materials for The Office, Disrupted. The exhibition sheds light on how we can reimagine workplaces in a post-pandemic world through a series of zoned activities and installations by furniture vendors. Our role was to weave all zones together […]