India International Halal Expo

Basira Studio collaborated with the Paperspace Collective developed branding, environmental graphics and wayfinding materials for The Office, Disrupted. The exhibition sheds light on how we can reimagine workplaces in a post-pandemic world through a series of zoned activities and installations by furniture vendors.

Our role was to weave all zones together through a graphical narrative that compels the viewer to learn more about this pertinent topic. The approach we took was light-hearted and relatable. We highlighted common pain-points faced over the last year due to the pandemic — and compounded by technology. The graphics went hand-in-hand with the interactive exhibits on display, and aimed to improve public awareness of what factors shape hybrid work.

The exhibition is open to the public from 09 April till 13 May, 2021 at the National Design Centre, Singapore.

Exhibition photography courtesy of Paperspace

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